The best residential apartments of Rawalpindi

Unparalleled Design & Execution

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Why us?

The only Exclusively Residential Building in the area.

Proving the best location, accessibility, luxury and exclusive living standards on the Main Iran Road (Arshi Masjid Road).

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Questions & answers

Are Town Apartments approved?

YES! By the Grace of the All Mighty, Town Apartments has been granted approval by the requisite authorities. It is the only housing project that has been approved by the Metropolitan Corporation of Rawalpindi, Fire Fighting system has been approved by DPO and Environmental Certificate by EPD.

Is booking open?
p>Yes the booking of Apartments has started. For details about the payment plans and available options and to get in touch with our sales team you can visit the Contact Us Section. To view the payment schedules, down payment and installments details you can visit our Pricing Plan page.

Can we visit the site?
Yes the site is open for visit during office hours. Located very close to Murree Road and 6th Road, it is accessible by Metro Buses as well as easy to reach on your own conveyance.